Thursday, August 20, 2009


A few weeks ago we did some dog-sitting for friends of ours. They have a dog named Sophie and she and Boomer became instant friends. They are close in age, size and energy level so it was a good match. No one is quite sure what kind of dog Sophie is as she is a pound puppy all the way from Florida. The main guess has been a chocolate lab mix but after spending 10 days with her I am not entirely convinced. She doesn't like water and is quickly bored with playing fetch. My amatuer opinion, is german shorthair pointer and rhodesian ridgeback. She pointed on several occasions and she has a smaller head and longer snout like a pointer. Along her back is a slightly darker fur that would stand up on end sometimes while playing with Boomer and she is much more red than chocolate in coloring. But this is all just speculation on my part. What I do know for sure is that she is a great dog and was a joy to have around!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We be Jammin- Take Two

Despite the not so good luck with the raspberry jam, I decided to try again with blueberries this time. The girls and I were invited to pick at a local farm with friends and the girls picked a bunch! I guess things are always more fun with friends!
I was pretty sure that the reason my raspberry jam didn't work is that I added the pectin too soon. So with the blueberries I made sure that I reached a full rolling boil and added the pectin for only a minute and this time success! Blueberry jam!