Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kenz in the Hat

This kid was made for hats. She loves to wear them and she always picks hats that are fun and funky. We found this hat over the weekend and though I spent more on it than I normally would like, it was made in the USA-in Colorado in fact and it is made out of recycled wool products. And it is totally adorable on Kenzie.

The hat came in handy this weekend when she decided to brave the cold and put on her skates to skate in the driveway. It's true we had a couple of days of gorgeous weather where everything started to melt and then of course it got cold again, turning the driveway into a skating rink.
Not a very good skating rink either but it didn't stop Kenzie or Dom.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Round-Up

I intended to post this on Valentine's Day but that day turned out to be unusually hectic so here it is, a few days late.
The weekend before Valentine's day Kenzie and I made Valentine's for her class. She picked out two ideas that we came across and we set about making them with the help of my handy, dandy Cricut. She has recently become very fond of owls so I wasn't suprised when she wanted to incorporate owls into her Valentines. So we cut out cute little owls with the Cricut and attached them to a pencil, making it look like the owl was perched on the pencil.

Next she wanted to make some caterpillars and these had a pencil attached to them too.

I always get a little something for the girls. I found these cute little mailboxes at the dollar spot in Target. I added a little paper, a silk flower and their names to each one. Inside I put some funky socks, headbands, Pokemon cards, a pair of heart earrings and some hershey kisses.

I also made a little bouquet for each girl. Everything came from the dollar store except the hershey kisses. The little pink rosebuds are hershcy kisses wrapped in tissue paper and attached to a plastic stem.

I also do something for Dom, even though he despises Valentine's day. This idea I found online on Valentine's day and decided I had to do it because I thought it was so cute. And I knew even though it was a little corny Dom would get a kick out of it.
I got the idea here.
Again, I got out my trusty Cricut and made altered the beer labels for Valentine's day.

The labels say "Beer in mind I love you", Love Lager, "I love you Beery Much". I also included Studly Stout, Hearty Hops and Ale, Ale for my favorite male.
Now the original idea is to have a variety of beers that fit each label like a stout, lager etc.
but because Dom is joining me in the weight loss journey I put the labels on a light beer instead.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Decluttering 2011 post #3

This week I took on the junk drawer in the kitchen. I had a little help with this from Kenzie. She had a day off from school due to a burst pipe. Unfortunately there is more than one junk drawer in the kitchen. Now at least there is one less!

I have a bad habit of just stuffing things in drawers when I want to get the clutter off the counters and our kitchen has lots of counter space and lots of drawers which has led to, as I mentioned, several junk drawers. For the main junk drawer. I had purchased several little plastic containers to organize stuff and it helps some, but again, to really solve the problem I need to stop just sweeping stuff into the drawers.
So Kenzie and I sorted all kinds of little stuff, from spare change to pushpins to earrings and toys and found homes for it all. Now you can easily open and close the drawer and find whatever it is that you may be looking for.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011