Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lego Love

I have been a lover of legos since I was young.  I have many fond memories of building things with my legos.  My best friend Tracy and I spent hours playing together with our legos.  I still enjoy playing with legos and lego sets have come a long way since I was young.
Lending to my love of the colorful bricks is their teaming up with some of my favorite movies and creating sets and video games with little minifigures from the movies.  This includes
Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.
Also finding out via the internet that there are many other adults who share a love of legos and some of these very creative people create photos, blogs, videos starring the little minifigures.  I only just realized that there are collectible minifigures, along the lines of trading cards, you don't actually know what you are getting when you buy a little package but it is kinda fun all the same.  The girls and I are kinda late getting into this as they are already on series 5 but it is fun opening the packages to see what you've got.
I plan on using this online inspiration to create some photo scenes with the minifigs.  One of my favorite lego blogs is the one where the guy did a lego picture a day.  He did a great job and though I do not want to go to that extreme you can expect to see some lego pictures popping up as inpiration strikes.
So here is the first one.........
Even pirates are afraid of clowns!

Friday, October 28, 2011


 We had our first fall snow of the season last night.  I do not get excited about snow before Halloween because it usually means we are going to be reallly cold for trick or treating.  It also potentially mean
an extra long winter, as if it isn't already long enough here in the northeast!  We got a couple inches and it will probably melt before the end of the day but there is a winter storm watch in effect for the weekend which could drop up to 6 inches and that just might stick around!
On the bright side I went out to try to capture some of the prettiness of the moment.  Guess it's time to bring in that lawn furniture...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rolo Cookies

These are some super easy, super yummy cookies. All you need is a box of chocolate cake mix, 1/3 cup oil, 2 eggs and a bag of Rolo candy.  Mix together the cake mix, eggs and oil.  Use just enough dough to cover the Rolo into a ball.  Bake in  a 350 degree oven  for 8-10 mins.  You get a yummy cookie with a chocolatey caramel center!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Craftin

I enjoy crafting and one of the great things about the internet is the amazing amount of ideas you can find.  That is also a downside because I then have tons of bookmarks on my computer, in no particular order-yes I know there are ways to be more organized but I just don't roll that way.
Anyway I found this very cool website called pinterest where you can keep track of all the cool ideas you find and the website itself offers you the ability to see and follow what other people are pinning.
Now I just go to the website click on the idea and it takes me right to the idea.  With a special download button you can pin anything on the interenet wether it is crafts, fashion, decor, quotes, recipes-anything!
So I have collected a bunch of cool Halloween ideas and I will never use them all but while looking at other peoples holiday wreaths it inspired my own creation.It is a straw wreath with some fall leaves added and a spider web in the middle. Through pinterest I also got the idea to glue
magnets to the backs of little plastic spiders and bugs and stick them all over the front door.
I also found the idea for the cute picture frame covered with googly eyes. That inspired me to make the black frame with just a few eyeballs and ghost.  Both were really easy to make. Directions for the googly eyes one are here. 
For the ghost one all you need is a wooden frame from Michaels, black and white paint, wooden ghost cutout, googly eyes, ribbon and hot glue.  Paint the frame black and the ghost white.  Glue googly eyes in several spots around the frame.  Add some ribbon at the bottom and glue on ghost. 
Once I have pictures of the girls for Halloween I  will add those to each frame.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Go Bruins!

Around here we are always waiting impatiently for hockey season to start, but when your team is the defending Stanley Cup Champions you get even more excited. This was the case last week when the Bruins season officially started.  Dom declared Bruins day and told me to do my thing.  The girls again jumped on board with our theme day and wore their Bruins gear to school.  I made a Bruins dessert of chocolate and vanilla layered pudding cups and added the Bruins logo to the cups.
Dinner was homemade pizza where I used pepperoni and black olives to  make the Bruins "B".  This was a little bit of a stretch but if you know what you are looking at I think you can tell.
I even gave myself a Bruins inspired manicure!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

We had some amazing weather this past weekend and it carried into the week.  Dom took Tuesday off so we could take out the boat for the season and after the kids got out of school we took them up to Butternut Farm to pick out some pumpkins.  The girls loved the little pumpkins and both picked out one.  But they also picked out a big one for carving.  They even let me take a photo without complaining!

Unfortunately the next day Tuukka decided to  have a little snack- on Kenzie's mini pumpkin!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Star Wars Family fun night

With the release of the Star Wars movies on blue-ray my husband declared Star Wars day in our house for family fun night. And me, who loves any sort of theme, enjoyed planning it even though I was only given one days notice.  The main entertainment of the evening would of course be the movies, but while I was buying the movies I found a Star Wars Lego Movie and Mad Libs which of course would add to the fun.  And yes I wanted the lego movie because it came with a cute little young Han Solo.
I wasn't able to come up with a fun Star Wars themed meal but did buy some star wars plates
to serve pizza on and for dessert we had brownie bite pops that I attatched some
cut outs of Lego Star Wars Characters.
Upon returning home from school the girls jumped right into the theme by playing lego star wars on the wii.  Once dad got home from work there was an epic light saber battle before dinner followed by some funny Mad Libs.  Then we all settled in for the Lego Star Wars movie-the Padawan Menace which had us all laughing.  We ended the evening with the viewing of episode one-The Phantom Menace.
With the opening night of Hockey tonight we gave of course a Bruins theme going on today!