Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Craftin

I enjoy crafting and one of the great things about the internet is the amazing amount of ideas you can find.  That is also a downside because I then have tons of bookmarks on my computer, in no particular order-yes I know there are ways to be more organized but I just don't roll that way.
Anyway I found this very cool website called pinterest where you can keep track of all the cool ideas you find and the website itself offers you the ability to see and follow what other people are pinning.
Now I just go to the website click on the idea and it takes me right to the idea.  With a special download button you can pin anything on the interenet wether it is crafts, fashion, decor, quotes, recipes-anything!
So I have collected a bunch of cool Halloween ideas and I will never use them all but while looking at other peoples holiday wreaths it inspired my own creation.It is a straw wreath with some fall leaves added and a spider web in the middle. Through pinterest I also got the idea to glue
magnets to the backs of little plastic spiders and bugs and stick them all over the front door.
I also found the idea for the cute picture frame covered with googly eyes. That inspired me to make the black frame with just a few eyeballs and ghost.  Both were really easy to make. Directions for the googly eyes one are here. 
For the ghost one all you need is a wooden frame from Michaels, black and white paint, wooden ghost cutout, googly eyes, ribbon and hot glue.  Paint the frame black and the ghost white.  Glue googly eyes in several spots around the frame.  Add some ribbon at the bottom and glue on ghost. 
Once I have pictures of the girls for Halloween I  will add those to each frame.

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