Thursday, October 06, 2011

Star Wars Family fun night

With the release of the Star Wars movies on blue-ray my husband declared Star Wars day in our house for family fun night. And me, who loves any sort of theme, enjoyed planning it even though I was only given one days notice.  The main entertainment of the evening would of course be the movies, but while I was buying the movies I found a Star Wars Lego Movie and Mad Libs which of course would add to the fun.  And yes I wanted the lego movie because it came with a cute little young Han Solo.
I wasn't able to come up with a fun Star Wars themed meal but did buy some star wars plates
to serve pizza on and for dessert we had brownie bite pops that I attatched some
cut outs of Lego Star Wars Characters.
Upon returning home from school the girls jumped right into the theme by playing lego star wars on the wii.  Once dad got home from work there was an epic light saber battle before dinner followed by some funny Mad Libs.  Then we all settled in for the Lego Star Wars movie-the Padawan Menace which had us all laughing.  We ended the evening with the viewing of episode one-The Phantom Menace.
With the opening night of Hockey tonight we gave of course a Bruins theme going on today!

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