Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mckay Visit 2011

 Last weekend we had the joy of hosting the McKay family for  a visit.  We started  the visit off with a
campfire in the backyard where the girls entertained us with dance routines and Luke entertained us with his stories and curious chatter.  Once it got dark the we sparked up the entertainment with some fireworks.
 The following day the fun continued with a trip to the lake.  The kids braved the cool temperatures to do some tubing and then we took the boat to our favorite ice cream shop for lunch and dessert.
We ended our visit with the Mckays trying out Kenzie's go-cart.  It was a really fun time and hopefull we'll get a chance to visit with them again soon!

Luke gives the thumbs up before taking a turn on the go-cart!

Caitlin quickly gained confidence and was soon buzzing around the yard.

Scott didn't want the kids to have all the fun so he took a turn on the go-cart too!

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