Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Anyone who knows me really well knows that as a teenager I was a huge Wham!/George Michael fan. Now, at 37, I still am. Even though he hasn't released an album in the US in many many years . Even though he hasn't toured the US in 20 years. Even though he's been arrested. More than once. I'm still a fan. It's the music and the voice. It's amazing.
So when I found out he was touring the US and coming to Boston I was psyched. Until I realized no one would want to go with me. The day the tickets went on sale I was talking to my husband on the phone and casually asked him if he would go. I was expecting him to reply with a very firm, "Not in this lifetime!" and was suprised to hear him say "Okay." I almost dropped the phone in shock. I must of heard wrong. My classic rock loving pop hating husband just agreed to go to a George Michael concert with me?? Had aliens invaded the earth and taken over his body? Surely I had entered an alternate universe "Did you just say yes?" I asked
"Yeah, just don't tell anyone." he replied
So Sunday afternoon we headed to Boston after dropping the kids at a friends house for the night and the dogs at the kennel we were off to spend the night in the big city! We left in the middle of a huge thunderstorm that we followed all the way to Boston. The traffic was horrible and we tried to check into the wrong hotel. After checking into the correct hotel it was just a short walk to the Garden just in time for the 8:00 show.
It turns out the crappy weather had delayed George's plane and he hadn't even arrived yet.
so the show started an hour late. So I got to people watch which was interesting cause I'm a small town girl and well George is gay and has quite a gay and lesbian fan base as well as a large female fan base that just made for a fascinating mix of people.
But none of that mattered. I was just happy to get a night with my husband and to get to see George in concert. It was lots of fun and after several beers my husband even enjoyed the show.
So thanks George for finally returning to the US and thanks Dom for going with me to the show-I think you're amazing!

Going Batty??

So I was just sitting in the living room by myself last night after putting the kids to bed, surfing the internet and half listening to the TV, when I catch a slight movement out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was maybe a moth since sometimes they get in the house when we let the dogs in at night. I glance up at the TV and this black thing swoops by and disappears up the stairs.

Not a moth.

A bat.

So I want to go upstairs and tell Dom who is in his office, But that means getting past the bat which is flying back and forth in the hallway. I make a run for it ducking as the bat swoops by.
Now let me clarify I am not afraid of bats. Anything that eats mosquitoes is cool in my book, it's just a natural reaction to duck for cover when something comes flying at your head.So I told Dom there was a bat in the house and he walks out into the hall turns the corner and gets buzzed by the bat and turns around and comes back into his office and closes the door.

"Okay we need a plan." he says.

"yeah we need to catch it." I have a keen sense of the obvious.

Luckily my husband is a fisherman and we have a net so he goes to get the net and tells me to try to corner it in the bathroom.
Yeah, right.
Eventually we corner it in the upstairs hallway and attempt to get it in the net. When I say 'we' I mean Dom because really all I can do is stand back and try not to get hit by the flailing net and swooping bat and yell ,"there it is, get it!"
Very helpful.
Suddenly, I hear Becca's bedroom door open and both Dom and I yell "Close the door!"
She closes the door. Dom catches the bat, who is really pissed off at this point and is chattering away. He was successfully realeased outside to continue to eat up mosquitioes and hopefully remain outside!
Afterwards I went up to explaing to Becca what was going on. She thought it was kinda funny and so did Dom and I!