Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Weekend without kids

Dom and I got to spend a kid-free weekend this past weekend thanks to Nonna and Nonno. Thursday thru Sunday the girls spent time with Dom's parents getting spoiled and having a great time. Friday was Dom's birthday. He worked all day but I had a clean house and a hot dinner waiting for him when he got home complete with candles and the 'good' china. Saturday we went to the boat show in Boston. It has become a tradition with Dom and I to go to the boat show every year. It's fun to go on the really big boats and to dream about all the cool places we would go if we didn't have any responsibilities. I found one we could easily afford if we sell our house and live on it full-time! Of course I am not sure if the kids would go for that. Especially Becca. The poor kid has a tendency to get seasick. As she gets older she seems to do better, but we usually have to keep an eye on her just in case. We also don't go out on the big lake if it seems too choppy. Sunday we headed back to Gloucester to pick up the girls.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Snow Fun!

It's school vacation week and we finally got weather warm enough to play outside in the snow. The temps were close to 40 degrees which felt warm after having wind chills below zero. We we
went sledding, built a snowman and just had fun!
Of course no day of sledding would be complete without warming up to a hot cup of cocoa or a plate of waffles if your Kenzie. Kenzie doesn't like hot cocoa or chocolate milk but she likes pancakes and waffles and that's what she likes when she comes in from the cold! No, I don't make them from scratch. Good ol' Eggos or Aunt Jemima will do just fine.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Best Wishes!

Just a quick post to say congratulations to my niece Jill who just got engaged and to welcome Miles to the family. We wish you many, many years of happiness! Also good luck to Miles in OSC!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

15 minutes

In theory, when my husband is home, I should be able to take a shower. Approximately 15 minutes tops. But in reality it doesn't always happen. Just this past weekend I went to take a shower and soon someone was banging on the door. I open the door to find my youngest standing there with tears in her eyes. "I'm starving." she whimpers pathetically "And look what Boomer did." The offender stands next to her wagging his tail. She holds up her blanket to show me the apple sized hole that the puppy has chewed right in the middle of Pooh's face. This isn't just any blanket this is THE blanket. Commonly refered to as The Blankie of Life because Kenzie doesn't go anywhere without this blanket. Boomer has made it his mission to slowly eat The Blankie of Life. Why he has to chew this blanket when there is a multitude of other important things that he could chew-up is beyond me. So I feed the child and her sister who has appeared also claiming starvation. "Where is your father?" I ask them in frustration.
"In his office." They reply in unison.
That is where I find him playing on the computer. "How come I can't take a 15 minute shower without the world coming to an end?" I ask
"I don't see the world coming to an end." he innocently replies. I show him the blanket with the hole in it.
"This is the end of the world to your daughter." I reply "And she was hungry."
"I didn't know anything was going on." he replies. I turn and silently walk from the room.
"I guess that's the point." he replies following me down the stairs.
"Yes, that is exactly the point." I reply. "It's only 15 minutes."
"Okay, I get it." He insists turning me to face him and give me a hug.
I eye him suspiciously before putting my arms around him.
We'll see if he 'gets it'.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Big One!

So this is it, they are predicting a big Nor'Easter for Valentines Day! Anywhere from 6-30 inches depending on what part of the state you are in. We are on the line between 6- 12 and 12-18.
So I ran out today to make sure I had milk, bread and toilet paper and fill my car with gas-Not!
I just had to add that because my niece recently had a post on her blog about everything shutting down and people rushing to the store for a few inches of snow down in Maryland. I am quite confident that we have enough supplies to last one day. I am a little suprised that some schools have already cancelled-I am secretly hoping that school is cancelled for us too, just so I can hang out in my jammies all morning. In fact Becca is so convinced that she is not having school she didn't want to write out her Valentines for her class. I told her that you can never be sure of the weather in New England and she better do them 'just in case.'


Becca lost a tooth over the weekend. This is the third one. She lost the bottom two front last year, but the new teeth had already come in behind the old ones so she never had any empty spaces. Now she has a big ol' empty space in the front. Of course she still has to lose one more to catch up to her sister!

For those of you who don't know, Kenzie has already lost four teeth. The top four in the front.
When she was two she hit her mouth on the coffee table. After a trip to the dentist and an x-ray we found out that the front two had been pushed up into the gum line and definitely had to come out. The other two on either side were very loose and he recommended that they come out too. There was a chance they could tighten up again but since Kenzie is a thumb sucker they probably wouldn't get the chance. So rather than wait and take the chance that she would have to have those removed at a later time he took them all at once. I am going to leave out all the gory details because this has been on of my worst experiences as a parent. I'll just say that she has recovered very nicely and there is nothing that she can't eat. Unfortunately this was her first experience with the dentist and since then we are pretty hit or miss as to how cooperative she is when at the dentist. Her first cleaning went suprisingly smoothly. The second not so good and we are due for a third shortly. We'll just have to wait and see!
And with no teeth in the front she can do cool stuff like touch her tongue to her nose!

While I am on the subject of things getting Lost. I need to mention the show Lost. This is my favorite show. The only show that I watch religiously. The show that made me call the cable company and get a DVR because they changed the time slot on me and I was afraid of missing the shows because I am rarely awake after 10:00pm. The show that frustrates me to no end but leaves me wanting more. I am so happy that it is back on after a three month break. Now all is good.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

These are two of my children's most famous quotes. The kind that your try not laugh, but leaves you questioning your parenting skills.
The first is from Becca after I told her she had to clean up the toys that were already out before she could take out any more: "You've got the wrong kid!" she cried near tears. " I wasn't made for cleaning!"
And the second is from Kenzie on a day when everything I did seemed to piss her off. In exasperation I asked her "What is your problem today?" and she looked me right in the eye, with her hands on her hips and said "You mom. You're my problem."
I had to ask.
They really are good kids, but the amount of drama that happens around here on an almost daily basis is amazing. I guess it is probably a girl thing. What do you think? Jen? Jill?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why is it....

that after building a new house with new appliances I have had more things break than when we rented? Even our first house that was almost 20 years old had less issues than this house. In the 4 1/2 years that we have lived here I have had the ice maker fixed 6 times. Well, it wasn't actually fixed 6 times. It has broken twice and the first time it took 4 repairmen to come out on four seperate occasions before it was fixed. It broke again recently and it took 2 repairmen. Luckily it is under warranty. My dryer has broken once and my dishwasher twice. My dishwasher is broken right now as a matter of fact and has been broken since before Thanksgiving. It isn't fixed yet because: 1) It is not under warranty. 2) I don't actually need a dishwasher, though it is really convenient. 3)I hate waiting around for the repairmen, especially during the holidays. (I don't technically consider the holidays over until after Dom's birthday at the end of February.) Yes, I am a SAHM but I still am quite busy and spend a lot of time in the car. (I'd be really annoyed if I had to take all that time off from a job to have the ice make fixed!)
I am dealing with Sears and they will give me a day that they will come out and they could show up anytime between 8:00am and 5:00pm. It really annoys me that they can't at least narrow it down to a morning or afternoon. Even the cable company does that. At least they call before they show up to make sure that you are home. And you know that they are going to call when I am picking up Becca from school.
So on Sunday we suddenly have no hot water. Okay it wasn't suddenly. The hot water heater started making a weird noise and shortly thereafter we had no hot water. Okay actually it had been making a weird noise off and on for about a week........ So anyway, Dom thought maybe the pump that circulates the water may have broke. So we spent most of Sunday without hot water. Not a huge deal but it meant no hot water for showers and doing dishes. So we called the repairman first thing Monday morning and they came right out. It wasn't the pump just air in the pipes. So he bled the pipes and replaced the valve and we soon had hot water again!

So in short they don't make things like they used to. It's all a big scam by the appliance companies. My parents had a freezer that lasted like 50 years! My ice maker lasted one.
The greedy appliance makers weren't making enough money so now they make appliances that don't last long, need constant repairs and convince you to buy service agreements, all so they can screw you out of more money. 'Nuff said!

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Sock Troll

We have a sock troll that steals socks. I know that you are thinking that it's just that weird laundry thing where one sock disappears in the dryer even though you put both pairs in at the same time. Well a sock troll is different. A sock troll only steals the socks of seven year old girls named Rebecca. It's true. Everyone else in the house has plenty of pairs of socks except Rebecca. I have searched high and low for these socks and they rarely show up. So the only explanation is a sock troll. And sock trolls don't just steal one sock but usually both. Obviously socks of seven year old girls are the perfect size for a sock troll, who of course likes to make sock puppets out of them. (What did you think they did with them? You've never actually seen a troll wearing socks have you??)
Now the sock troll is not to be confused with the sock fairy who leaves pairs of socks under Rebecca's pillow at least once a week. Really. You can go up to her room right now and I can almost guarantee that there is a pair of socks under her pillow.
....Okay, so there is no such thing as the sock fairy. Becca often wears socks to bed and her feet get hot in the middle of the night so she takes off her socks and puts them under her pillow. Now you are probably thinking that there are a bunch of her socks scrunched up under the sheets at the bottom of the bed. That's what I thought too, but no, she consistently tucks them under her pillow. Her socks just keep disappearing and I just keep buying her more. I bought her some at Christmas. Eight pairs in fact and this week she was down to two. I went out yesterday and bought six more pair. We'll see how long they last.
Now I must sign off and get back to work on my sock troll trap!

Now you know where my children get their great imaginations from. Though my brother Mark can tell a great story too. Just ask him about his traumatic childhood. Hee-hee! Love you Bro!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Harry Potter 7

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the name of the 7th book. I pre-ordered it from Amazon today. It is coming out July 21st . I have really mixed feelings about this book because it is the final one. I really want to read it but I really don't want it to end. I have read several rumors that 2 people will die in the final book and that Harry is one of them...I just have to wait until this summer to find out! Anyone else anxiously awaiting this final book????