Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Big One!

So this is it, they are predicting a big Nor'Easter for Valentines Day! Anywhere from 6-30 inches depending on what part of the state you are in. We are on the line between 6- 12 and 12-18.
So I ran out today to make sure I had milk, bread and toilet paper and fill my car with gas-Not!
I just had to add that because my niece recently had a post on her blog about everything shutting down and people rushing to the store for a few inches of snow down in Maryland. I am quite confident that we have enough supplies to last one day. I am a little suprised that some schools have already cancelled-I am secretly hoping that school is cancelled for us too, just so I can hang out in my jammies all morning. In fact Becca is so convinced that she is not having school she didn't want to write out her Valentines for her class. I told her that you can never be sure of the weather in New England and she better do them 'just in case.'


pixel princess said...

what a nice Valentine gift to by snowed in with the ones you love....hope you went to the store to at least buy an all day supply of chocolate to celebrate the day... Happy VDAY

Lisa said...

Yes Finally....you are getting snow! I love it. I am especially happy for Becca as she has been waiting for so long to build a snowman. We had our share of holiday snowstorms. I bet by the November time lots of people will be having babies from staying home, snuggled in bed on Valentines Day! Have a good one!!

P.s. Did you get our package for you guys yet?