Friday, February 02, 2007

The Sock Troll

We have a sock troll that steals socks. I know that you are thinking that it's just that weird laundry thing where one sock disappears in the dryer even though you put both pairs in at the same time. Well a sock troll is different. A sock troll only steals the socks of seven year old girls named Rebecca. It's true. Everyone else in the house has plenty of pairs of socks except Rebecca. I have searched high and low for these socks and they rarely show up. So the only explanation is a sock troll. And sock trolls don't just steal one sock but usually both. Obviously socks of seven year old girls are the perfect size for a sock troll, who of course likes to make sock puppets out of them. (What did you think they did with them? You've never actually seen a troll wearing socks have you??)
Now the sock troll is not to be confused with the sock fairy who leaves pairs of socks under Rebecca's pillow at least once a week. Really. You can go up to her room right now and I can almost guarantee that there is a pair of socks under her pillow.
....Okay, so there is no such thing as the sock fairy. Becca often wears socks to bed and her feet get hot in the middle of the night so she takes off her socks and puts them under her pillow. Now you are probably thinking that there are a bunch of her socks scrunched up under the sheets at the bottom of the bed. That's what I thought too, but no, she consistently tucks them under her pillow. Her socks just keep disappearing and I just keep buying her more. I bought her some at Christmas. Eight pairs in fact and this week she was down to two. I went out yesterday and bought six more pair. We'll see how long they last.
Now I must sign off and get back to work on my sock troll trap!

Now you know where my children get their great imaginations from. Though my brother Mark can tell a great story too. Just ask him about his traumatic childhood. Hee-hee! Love you Bro!


Mom said...

Yes,your brother can tell great stories about his childhood.To listen to him tell it,he had such a hard life and I beat him all the time. Of course he was such a angel according to him. Yes,your brother is the world's greatest storyteller.

pixel princess said...

hahahaha... I was crackin up ... we have a four legged sock thief in our house called Maverick or aka Maggot( because Kailtyn can't say Maverick) .. he finds all sorts of socks and chews them up....
however did you check between the head board of her bed for a stash ?

Jennifer said...

The troll must be visiting my house too. I seem to lose mine all of the time. However, I have a pair with the Nike swish on them that I've had for five years. I can't seem to lose them (thank goodness).

As for Dad, he does have a vivid imagination. Have you heard Jill recently. She can tell a story like a true Sizemore.

Lisa said...

Cindy..I was cracking up reading this posting. O.k. I can see losing socks in the laundry as I have done it several times. Or having them stick to the sheets in the dryer and then making the bed with the socks between the mattress and the sheet...but I just don't get how the Becca Boop can all together lose I truly believe that their is definately a sock troll in your house! Tell Becca to take cover!!!