Tuesday, February 20, 2007

15 minutes

In theory, when my husband is home, I should be able to take a shower. Approximately 15 minutes tops. But in reality it doesn't always happen. Just this past weekend I went to take a shower and soon someone was banging on the door. I open the door to find my youngest standing there with tears in her eyes. "I'm starving." she whimpers pathetically "And look what Boomer did." The offender stands next to her wagging his tail. She holds up her blanket to show me the apple sized hole that the puppy has chewed right in the middle of Pooh's face. This isn't just any blanket this is THE blanket. Commonly refered to as The Blankie of Life because Kenzie doesn't go anywhere without this blanket. Boomer has made it his mission to slowly eat The Blankie of Life. Why he has to chew this blanket when there is a multitude of other important things that he could chew-up is beyond me. So I feed the child and her sister who has appeared also claiming starvation. "Where is your father?" I ask them in frustration.
"In his office." They reply in unison.
That is where I find him playing on the computer. "How come I can't take a 15 minute shower without the world coming to an end?" I ask
"I don't see the world coming to an end." he innocently replies. I show him the blanket with the hole in it.
"This is the end of the world to your daughter." I reply "And she was hungry."
"I didn't know anything was going on." he replies. I turn and silently walk from the room.
"I guess that's the point." he replies following me down the stairs.
"Yes, that is exactly the point." I reply. "It's only 15 minutes."
"Okay, I get it." He insists turning me to face him and give me a hug.
I eye him suspiciously before putting my arms around him.
We'll see if he 'gets it'.


pixel princess said...

lol... i know where your at... been there and I'm sure our houses are no different than the million others in America.
Hope Kenzie gets over the blanket hole... that would be pretty hard to get over in our house.

Jennifer said...

Not Pooh...

Oh the things I have to look forward too....