Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Weekend without kids

Dom and I got to spend a kid-free weekend this past weekend thanks to Nonna and Nonno. Thursday thru Sunday the girls spent time with Dom's parents getting spoiled and having a great time. Friday was Dom's birthday. He worked all day but I had a clean house and a hot dinner waiting for him when he got home complete with candles and the 'good' china. Saturday we went to the boat show in Boston. It has become a tradition with Dom and I to go to the boat show every year. It's fun to go on the really big boats and to dream about all the cool places we would go if we didn't have any responsibilities. I found one we could easily afford if we sell our house and live on it full-time! Of course I am not sure if the kids would go for that. Especially Becca. The poor kid has a tendency to get seasick. As she gets older she seems to do better, but we usually have to keep an eye on her just in case. We also don't go out on the big lake if it seems too choppy. Sunday we headed back to Gloucester to pick up the girls.

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pixel princess said...

soooo luck to have grandparents near by... I'm so jealous, I can only dream of such a time of a weekend with out kids...
I'm enjoying that dream please don't wake me ;)