Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lego Love

I have been a lover of legos since I was young.  I have many fond memories of building things with my legos.  My best friend Tracy and I spent hours playing together with our legos.  I still enjoy playing with legos and lego sets have come a long way since I was young.
Lending to my love of the colorful bricks is their teaming up with some of my favorite movies and creating sets and video games with little minifigures from the movies.  This includes
Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.
Also finding out via the internet that there are many other adults who share a love of legos and some of these very creative people create photos, blogs, videos starring the little minifigures.  I only just realized that there are collectible minifigures, along the lines of trading cards, you don't actually know what you are getting when you buy a little package but it is kinda fun all the same.  The girls and I are kinda late getting into this as they are already on series 5 but it is fun opening the packages to see what you've got.
I plan on using this online inspiration to create some photo scenes with the minifigs.  One of my favorite lego blogs is the one where the guy did a lego picture a day.  He did a great job and though I do not want to go to that extreme you can expect to see some lego pictures popping up as inpiration strikes.
So here is the first one.........
Even pirates are afraid of clowns!

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