Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trick or Treat???

 I call this a trick.  18 inches of snow fell on October 29th.  Though we are used to crazy weather and temperature changes here in the northeast this was new for me.  I have never seen this much snow before Halloween and I wasn't really thrilled about it because it potentially could stick around until April.  Winters around here are long enough!  The temperature has warmed up the past few days and we have seen a lot of it melt but it still looks so strange to have so many leaves still on the trees and
the ground still blanketed in white.  Despite all the heavy wet snow we didn't lose electricity, only our internet service for a chunk of the day-no big deal as we were busy clearing snow for most of the morning!

 The charcoal grill resembled a giant marshmallow.

Tuukka seemed to be the most excited about the snow, bounding around and burying his head in it.  It was such a heavy, wet snow though that it stuck to his long fur and he came in walking funny as huge snowballs had accumulated all over his belly!  They weren't easy to get off either!

Suprisingly the girls weren't that excited to hear about the impending snowstorm, but that might have come from them hearing us talk and being less than thrilled as we rushed around the morning before the storm getting last minute winterizing done earlier than we anticipated.
Of course waking up and seeing all the snow they were as suprised as us at the amount and how stranged it looked to have that much snow and still have leaves on the trees.  It wasn't long before they were clamoring for me to get their snow gear out so they could go play in the snow.

Luckily we got our trick or treating in before the storm.  It was cold but fun!

And last but not least the dogs got a little Halloween action too with their bandanas that I got at Disney last year.  Getting them to sit next to each other was not easy but at least Tuukka smiled for the camera!

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