Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Day of Summer!

The last day of school was Tuesday and today is the first official day of summer! Becca came home with lots of goodies from school. Including a journal she kept during the year and a friendship book that is super cute. Becca's report card was excellent. She is reading at a late third grade level and exceeds expectations in every subject except penmanship which is satisfactory. She is excited about going to second grade but is really going to miss her teacher from this year who was really great.

I thought our schedule was going to slow down with the last day of school but it hasn't happened yet. Yesterday I watched two kids for a friend and in the evening was the dress rehearsal for the girls recital. Today I am watching a child for another friend. Tomorrow I will have to play catch-up on all the things I didn't get done for the past two days due to an extra busy house.

Saturday Becca has a birthday party to attend and Sunday afternoon is the recital. Then things will slow least until July 1st when Dom and I will be off to the Nascar race at NHIS!


Tracy said...

Hummmm...watching a lot of other kids lately...maybe time to think about a third of your own?

Lisa said...

Tracy...I like the way you think!! I've mentioned the baby thing to my brother but it didn't work.

Cindy, I hope your summer slows down and you guys can finally enjoy a day out on the boat. I know Dom has been working hard to get the room downstairs done but what's the rush..its summer!!

Hot as hell in Denver...95 every day. Hanging in the A/C right now and I don't want to go outside until 8:00 tonight...when the temp drops :o)