Friday, November 09, 2007

Mackenzie is 5!

Yesterday was Mackenzie's fifth birthday! It was a good day. Both she and Becca were up extra early with anticipation. By 6:00am she had opened all her presents. Daddy was still home so why make her wait all day?? The only down side was that I gave her aqua dots and then heard about the recall and had to take them away from her an hour later. (I'll rant about that later!)
All in all she was very happy. Becca only had a 1/2 day of school so they got to play together all afternoon. We made puppy cupcakes that came out really cute and were super easy. We'll be having a party on the 18th while Auntie Lisa and Uncle Chuck are visiting for Thanksgiving.

The ears and nose of the puppies are tootsie rolls and the eyes are M&Ms. The pawprints are
a junior mint and M&Ms!
Today there is no school due to teacher conferences. Becca is doing great, she is above average in everything especially reading. There is a small group of kids in her class on the same level and they will soon be reading Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White.


Jennifer said...


I have a present, that I promise I'll send. ( I have my mother's gene when it comes to these things)

MOM said...

Cyndi,those puppy cupcakes are adorably!
I wondered if you had gotten the adqa dots for the girls.I was going to call on Kenzie Birthday but half the time they don't want to talk.

See you next Sunday.