Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Sticky Situation

We've put a little fire ring in the backyard and have been enjoying hanging out outdoors in the evenings around the fire. And if you have a campfire you gotta have s'mores, right?
Now Kenzie who is a great eater doesn't like marshmallows, but she does love to toast them over the fire and she does a great job. She even has the whole s'more technique of sliding the marshmallows off the stick between the graham crackers (I have yet to catch her on film, but trust me she has it down to a science.) Becca, on the other hand loves to eat s'mores but is not so keen on toasting the marshmallows so they make a great team. And when Kenzie is not toasting marshmallows she is entertaining everyone with her antics. Sunday was a case of you had to be there to really appreciate it but I will quote her when she got marshmallow all over her fingers and exclaimed, "Well this is a sticky situation!"

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Jennifer said...

So cute. I love s'mores... hopefully Kenzie can toast some when I come up next month for a visit ;)