Monday, April 20, 2009

This and That

I feel like I should be posting something but there isn't much going on around here. Well there is stuff going only it isn't very exciting, but I'll tell you about it anyway.
We had some nice weather last week and the weekend was pretty decent. We did a lot of yard work and Dom did several projects that he had been wanting to get to like changing the oil in his car, waxing the boat and putting down grass seed. The yard has been raked and my flower beds are ready for planting but it still too early to plant anything yet, we've had some warm sunny days but we have also had nights where it still gets below freezing, so planting is on hold a little longer. I did get Dom to build me two raised beds for planting some veggies. We just need a nice load of loam to fill them up.
The kids are on Spring vacation this weekend and unfortunately the weather for the next few days is looking rainy. We did make a trip to Barnes and Noble for some new books and to Michael's for a few craft supplies to keep us busy. The end of the week and weekend looks like it is going to warm up and dry out so we can get back outside. If Dom gets his way, we'll get the boat in the water too.
It is play-off hockey season and Bruins are playing Montreal in the first round. They are leading the series 2-0 and will hopefully continue to sweep the series. They finally have a team with enough talent to bring home the cup and are the only Boston team to not bring home a championship in recent years so it is their turn!


KT said...

I heard high 70's for Friday!! Hope the girls enjoy their vacation!!

Dom said...

I will get my way!!!!