Thursday, June 04, 2009

Getting ready for the Harvest

Okay, so I just put my wee little plants into the ground and I am already planning ahead to harvest time. I have wanted to try canning for several years now-tomato sauce, applesauce, pickles etc., but since we just kinda threw some plants into the ground last minute without much planning and usually too late for the short growing season in the northeast we didn't really have enough extra to make the effort worthwhile. This year I've planned ahead a bit and hope to have at least enough tomatoes to have some fresh sauce into the cooler months. I'd like to try making some fresh salsa too. My dad always has lots of apples so there should be plenty for applesauce and other appley things (apple butter? apple-cinnamon syrup? Preserves?) I've been bugging my dad to make a cider press. I know he started working on it but will he finish in time for this season? That is the million dollar question.
I made a batch of icebox pickels last year that were a big hit with the family so I will do those again and maybe try some different kinds.(Dill? Cucumber chips? Relish?).
After doing some research on the internet it is recommended that I purchase all my supplies, especially jars now, because at the end of the summer they will sell out quickly. This makes sense so once I decide on the recipes I want to try I'll purchase some jars.

Anyone got some tried and true recipes they want to share?

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KT said...

I shall ask my Mom...she used to do a lot of jams & jellies when they lived in NH (helped to live next door to an apple orchard that did berries too!)