Friday, December 04, 2009

My little helper

When making a wreath for your front door it is important to have help. Especially if said help is furry, has four legs and likes to attack anything that moves. Earlier this week I set out to make a wreath for the front door and put all of the materials on the living room floor so that I could spread out. I didn't intend to provide entertainment for the cat but that is exactly what happened. Lucky for me the camera was close by so I could catch some of my "helper" in action.

Being curious as most cats are she came right over to check out what I was doing. She found it very interesting and proceeded to "help" me attach the colored ball with wire. Of course any moving object is fair game for play, right?

Then she helped choose which color should go on next. But first she had to chase it around the room for awhile to make sure it was just right.

Anyway despite the fact that it took me twice as long to complete the project because of my little helper here is the finished project. Thanks to the dollar store the whole project cost less than 10.00 and I think it looks pretty nice!

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Isobel said...

it looks very good! i have a cat, and sometimes feel the same way...