Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nature Explorers

We enjoyed a peaceful spring break from school. No big plans, just some relaxing. We did get outside to explore many times and had several nature encounters. We got to observe a porcupine dining in the backyard-luckily we noticed him before letting the dog out!
On one of several excursions into the woods we discovered a vernal pool with a bunch of frogs eggs in it.It's a little hard to tell but that cloudy mass in the center of the picture are the frogs eggs. We've gone back a couple of times to check to see if they've hatched into tadpoles but not yet!

On a fishing trip Dom and Kenzie found this little guy and put him into the turtle relocation program as he was sunning himself in the middle of the road. They brought him home so the girls could observe him for awhile then we let him free into woods near the house.

He tried to make a run for it off the kitchen counter before Becca grabbed him. He was nice enough to stick his head out for a picture before we brought him back outside.

We also came across a ribbon snake and found a birds nest. Lots of neat stuff. Further exploring may be on hold for a little while as blackfly season is upon us and you can barely go outside without getting eaten alive!

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