Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The tractor factor

My dad brought his tractor over to our house to help us fix the driveway and do some other landscape projects. I've had a little inkling that I wanted to try driving the tractor and finally got the chance. It was so fun now I want one of my own!


Anonymous said...

Looking good Cyndi!!

Anonymous said...

I could not remember my password so it is me with anonymous said.

Isobel said...

that looks so fun! do you remember me? I am Isobel from The Food I Eat and I and I. Just to let you know I have started up my blogs again. These are the addresses if your interested: I and I: www.friendsini.blogspot.com , The Food I Eat www.izzsthefoodieat.blogspot.com
I love your blog,

Lisa said...

Cyndi that tractor was made for you...You look like a natural!