Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Poopy Game

I don't like playing the poopy game.
And what is the poopy game you ask?
The poopy game is what we have named the often times frustrating process of housebreaking the new puppy.
Said puppy is getting the hang of housebreaking. He goes to the door and whines when he needs to go potty. Which is great, right? But once outside he gets really distracted.
"Look a leaf!"
"Look a stick!"
"Look a car!"
Now I know he is just a puppy and everything is new and exciting but after wandering around the yard for 15 minutes freezing my butt off in the 20 degree (or below) weather is not my idea of a good time. If there is such a thing as ADD for puppies Tuukka surely has it.
This is the third Puppy I've gone through the housebreaking ritual with and I have never had this experience before.
So we head back in.
And within 5 minutes Tuukka is back whining at the door and we head back outside.
"Oooo look at the pretty flag blowing in the wind!"
"Oooo a leaf!"
"Ooooo there's Boomer, I'm gonna go eat his face!"
And so it goes on, in and out until he can't hold it anymore and now he's doing the poopy dance.
And finally he does his business.
Hopefully outside.
And not inside.
Right in front of the door.
Because I got sick of going in and out playing the Poopy Game.

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