Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Featured Artist

Here is the latest artwork added to our refrigerator gallery
done by the 3 year old artist formerly known as Mackenzie. I was informed that she is Alodar the dinosaur until further notice. This is her depiction of a horse corral and horse poop. The horses have gone out to lunch and that is why they are not in the picture.
The kid cracks me up.


Jen said...

I love it! I'm so excited to see the blog. What a great way to keep updated on what is happening.

Lisa said...

Cindy I agree with Jen...this is a great idea!!! With being so far away it is so hard to hear everything going on with the girls you and Dom! I will be checking the site all the time!

ColoradoChris said...

Alodar the dinosaur! That's what I used to be called, too!!!