Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug

I have felt like the bug and the reality of coming back from vacation is the windshield. Unpacking, laundry and grocery shopping went well despite the mob at the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon and getting stuck in the line with the slowest cashier and near comatose bagger. The cashier holds up a bag of basil and asks "Do you know what this is?" " Basil." I reply though what I really wanted to say was ,"No, actually I like to run through the aisles randomly pulling things off the shelf so I can be surprised when I get home." Someday I am going to say that because it isn't the first time I have been asked that. So one price check and one void later and I am home. I spent the rest of the afternoon making sauce. Tomorrow will be easier, right?

I get Becca off to school and Mackenzie and I head to Mom and Dad's house to pick up Copper.
I get delayed by some construction on the way. Not really a big deal except that I drank a bottle of water and now have to use the bathroom. I make it to mom and dad' s and after a mad dash to the bathroom, we have a nice little visit and then Kenzie, Copper and I head back. In theory I should have just enough time to drop the dog off before I have to pick Becca up from school. But of course thanks to even more construction I do not and head straight to the school to pick up Becca. So the dog is whining incessantly, because of all the peolple and cars which eventually wakes up Kenzie who had blissfully fallen asleep. She is now cranky because the dog woke her up and is in no mood to wait in the long line of cars to pick up her sister. Much whining and screeching follows and miraculously I am able to get her interested in looking at a magazine of used classic cars. Finally the line moves and we are able to pick up Becca and we make it home.
The kids and dog run off into the yard. I bring stuff into the house and come back out to find that the dog has jumped back into the car and tore into a bag of crackers. He then comes into the house and proceeds to throw up on the kitchen floor. Better the kitchen floor than my car or the rug but couldn't he just stay outside and do that?!
So I clean up the dog puke and start to gather things for dance class because Becca has dance class at 5:30 today and Kenzie tomorrow morning. I find everything I need except I only have one ballet slipper for each girl. I spend the next half hour tearing apart the house looking for the matches that had been here before we left for camp. They are of course nowhere to be found. Apparently some thief broke into the house while we were at camp and stole two mismatched ballet slippers. Hey, crazier things have happened. It is now two hours before Becca's class starts and we have to make a trip to the shoe store. This is of course when the phone starts ringing. It is my dear husband very proud of himself because he called the church to find out when sign-ups for Sunday School are. They are this Sunday and he proceeds to tell me the rest of the info and how he will go and sign her up and aren't I proud of him. I remind him, by screaming like a crazed lunatic, that Sunday he is going to the Nascar race and that means that I will have to go to church on Sunday with the two children and sign her up. I hang up the phone and don't know whether to laugh, cry or throw up. You see I can count the number of times I have been to church on one hand. I am in complete panic mode. Dom and I had a deal that if we were to bring the girls up Catholic he would deal with all that stuff because I'm not in the "club."

I of course do not have time to worry about this now because I have to get to the shoe store and get Becca some ballet shoes before her class starts. This announcement is met with much moaning and whining from the girls and to save my sanity I promptly bribe them with promises of some sort of treat. They graciously accept and are perfect angels. We get shoes and head home to get ready for dance. Kenzie has a tantrum because she doesn't get to dance today.
We make it through dance class, dinner and bedtime without much incident. I am very thankful and go to bed early only to toss and turn most of the night worrying about going to church!
This morning has gone well so far. Kenzie had her first dance class and loved it, she is already asking when she gets to go again.

Now that I have gotten all that off my chest I can tell you about our great vacation....


Jen said...

Okay- so I know this wasn't suppose to be funny, more of a vent of frustrated. But it was honestly one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. Oh the joys I have to look forward to in motherhood.

Mom said...

Wow,Cyndi,you sure had a busy time after you left our house. I enjoyed reading it,and it was funny to me but not to you. Even your father is reading your blog.

Lisa said...

Hey girl...seriously I'm going to say it straight out, this was absolutely hilarious and I was actually laughing out loud! I think my dogs think I am crazy. Sorry that your crazy days and nights are my entertainment :o( Trust me I have those days too but I don't have 2 kids!!!I hope putting it down in words helps relieve the anxiety. Cause I love hearing about it :o)

Miss Ya!

Lisa said...

Seriously I am going to say it straight out...this was absolutely hilarious!!! I was actually laughing out loud and my dogs tilted their heads in confusion wondering, what is she on? I'm sorry your crazy days and nights are my entertainment but keep it coming...I love hearing about those girls! I'm sure putting it down in paper also relieves the anxiety and the comfort that people are listening and really sincerely sympathize with your situation!! Please give my love to the girls..

Miss Ya

Cyndi said...

When I looked back and wrote it it was funny, as it was happening not so funny. Writing it all out made me feel a lot better!