Monday, March 05, 2007

Wagon Hill

After getting about a foot of snow on Friday. Saturday was a beautiful day. The kids did some snowshoeing in the yard. After lunch we met up with friends and headed to Wagon Hill in Durham. We intended to do some snowshoeing and sledding but as we headed east we realized that they got a lot less snow than we did. So we left our snowshoes in the car and took a short little hike down to The Great Bay. The girls had fun in the snow and when we got to the ocean they enjoyed throwing rocks in the water and we even found some mussels still alive! After hiking back to the car we a had a little snack then headed over to check out the sledding. Not too great but worthy of a few runs. It started misting a little bit so we headed back to the car and over to the UNH horse barns to visit the horses. By this time it was getting late and we were hungry so we stopped at Dante's which has excellent italian food. They were very accomadating to the three girls and we ended up with our own cozy little room. It was a very busy and fun day spent with friends!

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Jennifer said...

I love Wagon Hill!!! We went there a bunch when I was in college. In a good snow fall they have some of the best sledding.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the horse farm. I'll never forget the smell that floated through campus on a warm spring day. Ah, the memories.