Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here comes the sun!

We had several days of rainy weather that, though good for the grass and flowers, was not so fun for those of us wanting to spend time outdoors. Of course nice weather in May means black flies.
Last weekend Dom was off for a night for his annual hockey game with his friends.
Whenever Dom is gone for the night or home late the girls and I have 'girls night' with junk food, movies and doing our nails and hair. This time was even more special because we invited our friends Annie and Audrey to join us. The girls had a blast dressing up and doing their nails and the moms had a great time too.
Dom has been busy working on the room downstairs. Electric and plumbing are hooked up and next on the agenda in heat and sheetrock. The girls have found the new toilet downstairs a novelty and think it is fun to use it because there are no walls or doors yet.
Yesterday, Kenzie and I went and bought some flowers so we can begin sprucing up the flower gardens outside. All we need is some mulch and a few more flowers and we'll be all set!
This weekend Dom and I have one more wedding to attend. Then I hope that is it for awhile. Weddings are beautiful and all but three in a month is crazy! We will be getting a chance to see Dom's sister and her husband which is always fun. Becca and Kenzie will spend two nights with Grammy and Grampy which they are excited about. The dogs are going to Grammy and Grampy's too. I am not so sure that Grammy and Grampy are excited about having the dogs but it is very much appreciated by us!! Dom and I are just hoping to get a morning to sleep in and not be woken up by dogs or kids!

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pixel princess said...

oh the benefits of living with grandparents nearby... what i would give for that!!! hopefully soon... hope you can enjoy your morning sleeping in!