Friday, May 11, 2007

Kenzie quote of the day

I wish that I was better at writing down and remebering quotes from the girls but here is a cute one from Kenzie today.

"Popsicles make my heart feel like Christmas."

How sweet is that??


pixel princess said...

Now that is VERY cute.. it brught a HUGE smile to my face!
gotta love those little mouths and minds.. so free!

Lisa said...

You need to write all of these down cause that little one of yours comes up with some very, very quote comments. It would be awesome to share with her just how cute she is now when she's 18 :o)

See you in a few weeks!!!

Mom said...

Cyndi,you could write a best seller on just what Kenzie comes out with

ColoradoChris said...

What a creative mind!