Monday, December 03, 2007

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We had our first big snowstorm of the season today, actual it is still snowing. We probably have close to ten inches. There was of course no school so we spent the day playing in the snow, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa and eating chocolate chip cookies. What better way to spend a snow day?? We did some snowshoeing too.
We have close to 14 acres of land behind our house and way down in the back is a river. The land was logged long before we ever bought it and many of the downed trees are still in the way making walking kinda rough. Because of this we haven't done much exploring back there. This fall Dom took on the huge task of creating a trail to the river which he just finished a week ago. Yesterday we took a walk out to the river before the snow and today we did it again in the snow. It was fun. We all used our snowshoes though the girls abandoned theirs about half way through the walk and alternately walked and rode in the sled. It was pretty fun though Boomer was an absolute pain in the butt!! Boomers favorite winter activities are "steal the mitten", "Knock the kids in the snow" and " sled tug 'o war". All of them are kinda funny the first time. By the fifteenth time it's not funny.
It is still hunting season so that is the reason for the very fashionable bright orange.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Cyndi you got more snow than we did. We got about 6"
Looks like you had a great day.Toby likes to steal mittens or gloves too.


pixel princess said...

sounds like too much fun, two more years till Kailtyn can expereince snow days! gotta love them! Ya making me home sick!