Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter...a little late.

There have been some grumblings from the peanut gallery about me not updating my blog, so here is an update. We are actually in the second week of either one or both of the girls being sick and Dom and I are starting to feel a little sniffly, so in case I get sick hopefully this will tide you over...

Last week Becca had the stomach flu and missed the whole week of school. The doctor has had some concerns about her weight, especially since she has been really sick twice within a month, so he ran some blood tests just to make sure there wasn't any other reason that she might be losing weight and all the results came back normal. Now I just have to fatten her up! Not easy since she is such a picky eater!

Right about the time that Becca was starting to feel better Kenzie developed a horrible cough and stuffy nose. I brought her to the doctor on Tuesday where the doctor confirmed that yes she did have a bad cold, but it was making her wheeze and we are now doing nebulizer treatments 3-4 times a day to help her breath (and sleep) easier.

In the midst of all the sickness we did manage to celebrate St. Patricks day with a visit from a little leprechaun who caused some mischief, like turning the toilet water green and TPing the bathroom.

We managed to color eggs a few days before Easter and spent Easter Sunday in Gloucester with Nonna and Nonno. It was nice to see bare ground as opposed to our house where we still have several feet of snow. These past few days we have been blessed with the temperature close to 50. I have been opening all the windows and trying to get some fresh air into the house. The temps are supposed to cool off again tonight and we are due to get several inches of snow. This is of course spring in New England.


pixel princess said...

Thanks for updating your blog... I was ready to join the grumbling... actually email you to see if all was well. Let me know how 'fatting' up goes, as Kaitlyn is having the same issues.. don't you wish we had this problem? Ahhh
Loved the idea of the Lephrcan mischief.. have to try that next year. Hang in there with that NE spring.. I don't miss that part of NE. Here in Cal its been up and down from 60-75 but at least the sunshines pretty much all day!

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear that everyone is feeling better. Micah was sick about two weeks ago with pneumonia (did I spell that right?) A nasty bug is definatly going around. Looks like everyone had a good time coloring Easter eggs.

Micah just booked our tickets for June. If it is all right, we will probably stay with you and Dom since you are closer to the track. we are flying in to Boston, once we get everything confirmed I'll letyou know.

By the way... thanks for the update :)

Lisa said...

Hey girl..I know you've been busy with 2 sick girls so no problem on the delay of posts. I haven't updated mine for a month :o) Good Luck on fattening lil' Becca up...I know how difficult she is with food....ugh!

Colorado has been hanging in the 60's and not much snow which is not usual for March but I'm not complaining!

Miss you guys tons and hope everyone is healthy soon! Kisses to everyone..even Boomer, Copper and Misty!