Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mad Scientists or Destroyers of Worlds?

My children that is. You see at least once a week I come across some concoction that my children have made. Usually when I think that are playing nicely together while I try to get something done I then come across something like this:
I have no idea what that flourescent color came from...

Or this:
Apparently the stuffing of some poor unsuspecting stuffed animal was used for this one...

Or sometimes it involves a whole bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap while I think they are bathing they are actually mixing together whatever they can find in the bathroom cabinet.
Now I am all for my children exploring, creating and experimenting and I try really hard not to squash thier need to mix things together just to see what happens but when it ends up spilt all over the carpet or involves emptying a whole brand new bottle of my favorite Bath and Body works handsoap (which has been recently discontinued) I freak out a bit before reminding myself that, maybe because they were able to do "experiments" they could grow up to become the next scientist to find a cure for disease.

Or it could lead them to blow up the house.

But I have recently found several books to channel their curiosity for good instead of evil and under adult supervision this summer we will do some exploring together.
Far away from the carpets and my favorite handsoap.


Anonymous said...

Isn't having kids a joy??
Of course being my grandkids they are just perfect as long as they are doing these things home.


Katie said...

Cindy -- This is Jenna's friend, Katie. I check out your blog every once & a while because she raved about how funny your posts are (they are hilarious!) and I think you have fabulous pictures (if I knew you a little better, I'd ask you to give me lessons!)

Anyway, I caught this post & just wanted to let you know that I manage a Bath & Body Works, so if you need some more soap(even discontinued), let me know & I can hook you up! You can always drop me an email at

Thanks for your fabulous posts:)

Katie said...

Ok, so I'm totally mortified that I spelled your name wrong!! So sorry!!! It's 2 am and I haven't had a day off in a week, so my brain is a wee bit dead!

Jennifer said...

I think Jill and I did the same thing, although I don't know if I ever dismantled a poor stuffed animal.

Also, take Katie up on the Bath & Body Works things. She can hook you up and works most days at the store in Newington.

I can't wait to see you all this weekend. I'll call you later this week to give the details.

Lisa said...

O.k. I'm not going to ask...but I am going to anyway...what is the blue tubing????