Monday, June 09, 2008

Welcome to the lake

For several years Dom and I have discussed putting the boat in a marina so that we would get more use out of it because quite honestly, trailering a boat is a pain in the butt. Finding a good ramp with adequate parking isn't easy and timing is everything as far a getting a space and waiting to put the boat in and pull it back out. But dock space can be hard to come by and pricey so we put in on the "someday" list. About a month ago we drove by a marina with a sign that said "dock space available" so we stopped by to check it out. We decided on the spot to go for it.

Along with our dock we get a little chunk of land where we put up a screen house, added some patio furniture and a little grill and voila, our own cozy little home away from home. We also have an electric hook-up, cable and water! It is kinda funny because we are part of this whole new little boating community now which is just little screenhouse next to screenhouse and some people really go all out with their set-ups- TV's, bars, grills, refrigerators, etc. There is also a little campground, bathhouse, and gas dock as well as boat maintenance and storage.

So we are going to try it out for the summer and see if it is worth it. Of course the gas prices have put a little damper on our fun. Luckily we filled up the boat at the end of last summer so we are good to go for the first part of the summer. We spent our first official weekend up there this past weekend getting everything set up and finally getting out on the water. It has been hot and humid all weekend and we even went swimming despite the fact that the water temp was still pretty cool, just barely 70 but as hot as it was it felt good!

So this is the view of our little space as I was standing on the back of the boat.
The kids were sitting inside but they scattered like cockroaches when I pulled out the camera.

And here is the view from inside our screenhouse

looking out at the boat. I hope to get more pictures of a wider angle so you can see the rows of screenhouses. It started to rain so this is all I got yesterday.

Maybe someday we'll be able to afford a real house on the lake but until then this will do pretty nicely!
And here is one last picture of the girls playing in the water when we went swimming off the boat. They were having a blast cracking each other up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cyndi,
Looks likes you got everything done this weekend. Looks great! Will call you later in the week to see about Fathers Day.I can not believe the girls were in the cold water.


pixel princess said...

WOW, just talked to dad yesterday and he mentioned your slip and boat.
Looks great! Can't wait to see you all this summer! Hopefully we can come see your boat. Kailtyn loves jumping off the boat when we go camping.They would have a great time together!

Lisa said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish we got to see the dock when we were home but as always it was a quick visit :o( I hope you guys keep the boat slip as I plan on visiting with 2 boys in tow to learn how to fish....YEAH!