Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maryland trip part 1

Tuesday we got back from our trip to Maryland to visit my niece Jen. We packed a lot of fun activities into five days and I am still struggling to get back into the groove here at home. Because we packed so much stuff in and I have lots of pictures to share I will break the trip up into several different posts over the next few days.
We arrived in Baltimore on Thursday afternoon where Jen picked us up at the airport. This was the first plane ride for the girls and Kenzie got a little nervous after we first boarded the plane. Actually she got a lot nervous. She got 'mom I feel like I'm gonna be sick' nervous. Which made me think we might be in for a long and potential messy ride as the rest of the passengers hadn't even boarded the plane yet. Luckily she didn't get sick and once we were in the air she was just fine. Crisis averted. We arrived at Jen's house and got settled, met her very friendly dog, Reese and spent the evening talking and watching the Olympics which Jen's husband Micah is covering in Bejing, very cool!

Friday Jen had to work but she let us borrow Micah's car and we headed down to D.C. to check things out. Our first stop after finding a place to park was to find a map so we could find our way around. We entered a building that was marked information and had to show picture ID and have our bags checked before we could go in. We quickly learned that having our bags checked was normal procedure for every building we entered in D.C.
The girls decided that they wanted to see the national aquarium which was close by. We saw lots of cool fish from all over the US including a really cute baby sea turtle.

After the aquarium we took a short walk down Pennsylvania Ave. to see the white house from the outside. Then we saw the Washington monument on our way to the Museum of Natural History where Kenzie really liked the dinosaur exhibit and Becca enjoyed the animal exhibits.

We finally ended the day at the Air and Space museum. There was lots more we would have liked to have seen in D.C. but we'll just have to save that for another visit!

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Jennifer said...

It was so nice for see you guys. Kenzie looks so grown up with the backpack on!

Reese misses you all. He has been mopey the past few days. I think he is secreting hope you'll come back to play.