Monday, August 11, 2008

You might be a redneck if...

You spend a free afternoon down by the river drinking and using the empty cans for target practice with a pellet gun.

Yes, Dom and I gave onto the rural atmosphere and while the kids were away at Nonna's we spent quite a bit of time down by the river just hanging out. For anyone who doesn't know we have a river that runs through the back of our property and is about a ten minute hike from the house.

Dom did some fishing. I took some pictures and we did some drinking and had a little shooting competition with a pellet gun. Good, cheap fun. Plus, the weather has been pretty crappy with thunderstorms and rain pretty much everyday we didn't really want to take a chance out on the boat or heading up to the mountains to go hiking. The good thing about all the rain was the river which is usually not much more than a trickle this time of year is rushing pretty good making it a nice place to hang out.
I realize the picture above looks crooked but it is actually the top of the stump that is crooked making the cans lean to the right not because I was intoxicated while taking the picture. I am just too lazy to correct it in photoshop right now.

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