Monday, November 10, 2008

Mackenzie is 6!

On Saturday Mackenzie celebrated her 6th birthday. It will come as no suprise that she wanted a Tinkerbell party! She had a few friends over to help her celebrate and lots of fun was had by all!

I am going to toot my own horn here and say that I am very proud of this cake. It was a simple idea but I love the effect. The cake was baked in an angel food pan so there was already a hole in the middle to stick the doll. Then I made "fake" legs from fondant. Her dress is also fondant. The mushrooms are cake bites, crumbled cake mixed with frosting and dipped in chocolate. I will share this recipe later in the week. Unfortunately while we were at Nonna's celebrating again on Sunday Boomer got the rest of the cake off the counter and ate it! He proceeded to puke all over the couch this morning while the girls and I were at teacher conferences. The good news is that both girls are doing very well in school and well Boomer, I think he still has a tummy ache.


Mom/gram said...

Great job,Cyndi on the cake.
Sorry Boomer ate the rest of it.You have got to learn to keep food off the counter when you leave.Guess he was one sick dog.


Lisa said...

That cake is truly awesome! I really have to commend you on how you can just pick up a book, read it and master the art. Cake it just doesn't matter!

I wish we could have been there for the party..she is truly my special godchild.

O.k. and Boomer...what the? Didn't Copper use to do that too in his younger years??? I hope he feels better soon.

ColoradoChris said...

That cake is unbelieveable! You've out-martha'd Martha. Have you been watching Charm City Cakes alot?
Happy Birthday Kenzie!!!
Boomer... BOO-MERRRR!!!! Bad Dog!

Jennifer said...

Too cute!! I love the cake. And as for Boomer... well I have my own dog who eats treats off the counter (or entire bags of hershey kisses, which I don't think would have made him sick if the wrappers weren't still on them.) The other day, Reese ate an entire bowl full of cookie dough... doesn't he know not to take cookies away from a very pregnant woman??? Sounds like, dispite Boomer, Kenzie had a great day.