Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birthday Stash

Yesterday was my birthday and armed with a gift certificate and some birthday cash I headed to Barnes & Noble and Michaels. I spent an hour in Barnes & Noble, the second week in a row I've done that, and it is pure heaven to just wander around. If it wasn't so far away I'd be there everyday I think. I ended up with four books for myself (could have easily bought 40) and one for each of the girls. Becca has been reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. She got the first one for her birthday and is already on the third. I think I want to read these too. Kenzie is quickly becoming a little bookworm too. She is currently enjoying the Jigsaw Jones series.

Next I headed to Michaels and enjoyed wandering around there too. I had been holding off getting into the whole clear stamp thing as part of my scrapbooking but just before Christmas I used some of my sister-in-laws and really liked them so I wanted to get some for myself. As luck would have it there were several on clearance. So I got some.... or a lot actually. I only got one set that wasn't on sale and that was the Valentine's set and because I thought it was really cute. So it was fun and I even have some money left over!

Now that the holidays are over and most of the birthdays, I am ready to jump back into crafting and blogging again. I've got lots of cute Valentine ideas bookmarked and plan on sharing them here but for now I have to sign off and go clean up the house. I took the day off from housework in honor of my birthday and boy does it show!


Anonymous said...

good for you! I spent my birthday scrappin w/friends.. which hopefully we can do together soon!

KT said...

I love that your idea of a birthday score is the same as mine: books & crafts!

Hope you had a fantastic day (and really, I mean it, even though I'm posting this in June...I've just been a blog-catching-up-slacker!! *L*)