Monday, February 01, 2010

Valentine's thoughts

I like to celebrate all the holidays. Maybe it's just an excuse to make crafts and bake yummy things, or maybe because I love theme related things or maybe just because it's just fun. I don't go crazy decorating for valentine's day just a scattering of a few things here and there.
There are some people I know who don't like to celebrate what they like to refer to as "Hallmark holidays." Those would be the holidays created by the card companies to sell more cards. Unfortunately for me, (or him depending on how you look at it), I married one of these people.
And it bothered me for awhile. I admit I used to dream about being romanced by the love of my life on Valentine's day. But alas, reality set in as I soon realized the love of my life despises anything to do with Valentine's day.
"Why do I need to set aside one day a year to show you I love you when I do all year long? It's all a scam to sell more cards and chocolate." he insists.
But it's still fun.
And in defense of my loving husband, he has given me gifts on Valentine's day, he would just prefer to ignore it all together. It took me awhile but now I'm okay with that. I realized it wasn't any fun for me to have to ask him or guilt him into getting me something. That's not what love is all about. And he does let me know he loves me in little ways all year round. I've found that getting a bunch of flowers on a random Tuesday in April was much more fun than getting flowers on Valentine's day when you would expect it.
So I enjoy crafting and baking with the kids to celebrate because it's fun for me and though he might not admit it, I don't think my husband minds that I include him in my celebrations with goodies and love notes.

And this picture has nothing to do with Valentine's day I just like to include pictures with my posts and this one is kinda funny. I think the expression on the cats face mirrors what my husband thinks about Valentine's day. Hee-Hee.

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