Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's walk

On Valentine's day we took a romantic walk through the woods. Okay, with two kids and a dog involved it wasn't very romantic but it was fun. The girls and the dog enjoyed what was left of the snow and had even more fun once we reached the river which was almost entirely covered with ice. About a month ago we had a warm spell and a bit of rain that caused a lot of melting and ice jams in the river. These ice jams have since been covered with more snow and ice making some sections thick with layers of ice at least a foot deep in some spots.
Here is a picture of the girls sitting on one of those huge glaciers.
That is all ice beneath them.
Becca hanging onto part of an ice jam that had refroze into the snow.

Cool designs in the ice along the river's edge.

Kenzie sliding around on the ice.

Boomer grabbing an icy snack.

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