Saturday, June 05, 2010

Little Scientist

Mackenzie has become quite the little scientist lately. She is always looking for something to do and she wants to be learning something in the process, so video games and TV don't really keep her attention for long. So I picked up some science experiment books for kids. She went through and marked all the ones she wanted to do-(which was just about all of them). And several times a week when she comes to me and says"I'm bored" I tell her to go pick an experiment. Luckily most of the experiments involve household items. The one she chose yesterday was the floating grape, which she learned about density.

It involved mixing sugar with water to get a grape to float. After laying out all the materials I let her do it all by herself then just asked her some basic questions and made sure she understood what was going on. After completing her experiment she wrote her findings down in a notebook.

The first cup is just plain water and the grape sank. The second cup has water with some sugar mixed in and the grape floats at the surface. The third cup is filled with sugar and water mixture and then just regular water poured on top. Don't stir! This causes the grape to float on top of the heavier sugar water!

The book we have been using is The Everything Kids Science Experiments Book by Tom Robinson in case anyone has any budding scientists!

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wicked cool!!!!