Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tree Trek 2010

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we made our annual trek to get our Christmas tree. Despite the bright sunshine it was quite cold and very breezy but that didn't stop us. We even brought Tuukka, giving him another chance to get used to riding in the car and to check out all kinds of new sights and sounds. He of course got lots of attention from all the other people out getting their trees.

After checking out several trees, we finally found that special one. Of course no tree gets to come home until it gets the official Kenzie hug of approval.
Once the tree gets the official hug Dom cuts it down..
This year we found a little suprise in the branches of our tree after we got it home. Tucked all cozy inside was a bird's nest! This has got to be a sign of good luck, right?
We ended up way back in the tree farm so it was a little bit of a trek back but no one seemed to mind. Especially Tuukka who thought it was fun to chase the tree as Dom pulled it on the sled!
And here is the finished product all lit up and ready to enjoy!


Lisa said...

I loved going with u guys to pick out the tree....such a great tradition!! And Tuuka is so freaking cute! What does he think about a tree in his living room?

Cyndi said...

Tuuka thinks the tree is a wonderful source of water and that the branches are tasty!