Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Range

I really wanted to be able to free range the chickens because one of the main reasons we got them was to eat all the ticks and other unfavorable bugs crawling around here. My biggest concern was our own two dogs. BIRD hunting dogs no less, but as I observed the dogs and chickens coming face to face through the wire run, I noticed the chickens didn't care an awful lot about the dogs and that the dogs really seemed more interested in the chickens food than the actual chickens.
So today we were finally blessed with a dry and partly sunny morning and I decided I'd let the chickens out of their run to free range while I did some work in the yard. Yes I did leave the dogs out with me too. I armed myself with a pocketful of dog treats and randomly caught the dogs being good by not bothering the chickens and for coming when I called them away from the chickens. The free ranging was a success which made me sooo happy!
The chickens were very entertaining as they foraged through the yard and I actually found them following me around along with the dogs.
Here the girls are checking for bugs along the woods.
A nice dust bath in the sunshine...
And who would have thought that bird dogs and chickens could get along so well?? Certainly not me on the very first day. Here everyone enjoys the warm sun.
Now I was thinking that the chickens wouldn't mind me taking a pictures but ironically this look is similar to the one the kids give me when I've taken too many pictures of them-oh well!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone looks happy!The dogs are great with the chickens. Who would have thought that. Good news about the eggs too.