Friday, May 27, 2011

Tuukka Trouble

It's a good thing that Tuukka is cute because lately he's been getting into all sorts of trouble. The main source of his mischief making is our little decorative pond. We had some trouble last year with Boomer thinking it was his own private swimming pool, but Tuukka goes above and beyond causing trouble with the pond.
To Tuukka the whole area is like a waterpark. For Tuukka the little fountain isn't just something to look at it's a place to get a drink. And if you chew on the fountain you can make it spray in all directions and if you try really hard you can even pull the top of the fountain off and use it as a chew toy! Fun!
Then there are the little frogs and ducks I have decorating the pond. Tuukka loves the ducks. I find the ducks all over the yard or bobbing upside down in the pond. I know he is a bird dog but pond ornaments need to be left alone.
And lastly there are the plants that are growing around the pond that he tramples in his frolicing
or the hole that he started digging after he saw me digging out some weeds. The poor pond needs some serious landscaping if it would only stop raining!!
Oh and did I mention the biggest chicken predator is Tuukka trying to dig into the chicken run?
He's not after the chickens though, he's after their food!
But despite all the trouble we still love him. He is highly entertaining in all his puppy playfulness and generally speaking, a good dog.
Just one example of Tuukka's antics-tipping over the fountain so that the water squirts everywhere!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no.bad dog!He is worst than any kids.The water is warmer in your little pond than the river in back.


Kristen said...

Good thing he is such a cutie! I hope you are able to get him interested in something else soon!