Monday, June 06, 2011

Kenzie Creations

Kenzie is a hands on kinda girl and really likes to design and build stuff.  Mostly she had been making little inventions with erector sets and sketching out little inventions in a notebook.
Recently though, she was playing around with some wood that was in the yard that was leftover from when we built the deck.  The pieces had been used to hold down a tarp and had since just been in a little pile in the yard.  One day while Dom and I were working in the yard she stacked the pieces up in a little bench, minus the legs and was hanging out.  After commenting on her cute little design Dom offered to help her screw it all together.  Her eyes got all big "Really!?"  she exclaimed.  And that's just what they did.
Kenzie finished off her little bench with a nice little paint job and it makes a perfect addition to the fire pit!

 This weekend she and Dom took on another project that she thought up.  This idea seemed to spring from her watching us add a nesting box onto the chicken coop. We added a little door in the back of the box to easily get the eggs out.  Soon after seeing this Kenzie mentioned how she would like to make a box and soon was sketching out her design.  The little box/cabinet now sits proudly next to her bed and doubles as a nightstand!

Below are a few pictures of her working on the box.  Dom obviously did the cutting of the wood but the design, most of the assembly and painting was all done by Kenzie!

I am curious to see what she comes up with next!

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ColoradoChris said...

Dude. That is SO cool. I'm actually kinda speechless. Go Kenzie!!!