Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Shorts last week to winter jackets and a dusting of snow.  I knew last weeks weather wouldn't last but I admit I did a double take first thing this morning when I saw it!  It was just enough to make everything white and it has already melted.  Right now the sun is out but it is sleeting.
In other news the girls are doing great in school -straight A's for Kenzie and All A's and one B for Becca.  Becca also represented her school earlier this month in the state spelling bee and we are extrememly proud of her for the great effort she put in!  In other exciting news my sister-in-law and her husband welcomed a bouncing baby boy into the world on St. Patrick's day.  We all can't wait to meet him in person!
I have been thinking that the blog needs a makeover and have considered just starting a whole new blog, but I think just sticking with this one is the easiest thing to do, so be ready for some changes in the upcoming weeks!

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