Thursday, March 29, 2012

Helpful Hint

As I have mentioned before I enjoy the website Pinterest to find all kinds of neat ideas for just about everything.  In fact I spend more time than I should on there but there are just so many cool ideas. Not just ideas but helpful hints too!  One I recently came across was how to clean up the burners on my gas stove.  I am not proud to admit it but there is a lot of burnt on crud on my stovetop.
Many moons ago this wouldn't have been an issue because I couldn't cook and the stove didn't get used but now that I have learned to cook after 10 years they were looking kinda yuck.  No amount of cleaners or scrubbing seemed to help and I had kinda given up on them ever being reasonable clean.  But then I found this tip on Pinterest and figured it was worth a shot.  So you take your dirty stove burners and place them in a ziploc bag with a 1/4 cup of ammonia.  Then seal the bag up nice and tight and stick it outside or in the garage.  My stove burners are really large and didn't fit into a ziploc bag so I put them in a garbage bag instead, then seal it up realy good and let the bag sit overnight.  The fumes from the ammonia loosen up the burnt on gunk and you can wipe them clean in the morning.    Now it still took a little scrubbing on my part to get some of the gunk off and there is still some stuff stuck on them but there is a major improvement!
For lots more helpful hints visit One Good Thing by Jillee tons of good stuff!

This is what the burners looked like before, lots of burnt on black yuckiness.
The little round parts got really clean.

And the larger grates though not completely clean are much, much better!

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