Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Spring Herbs

With no snow on the ground for weeks and getting a tease of summer with the warm temps a few weeks ago I've had the itch to plant something but it is way to to early to plant things outside.  I  have been reluctant to start any seeds because we have a potential trip planned for the end of the month and I am afraid the seedlings won't survive not being watered for a week.  So I have decided to just buy some when I can plant them outside.
Then I found a recipe that I wanted to try that called for some fresh herbs which I normally would just buy from the grocery store.  Unfortunately you can't always find fresh herbs.  I actually did find everything I needed except for dill.  So now I needed to decide whether to try the recipe without the dill or just hold off making the recipe.  On my way home from the grocery store I decided to stop into home depot and see if they had any herbs.  And they did, though most were kinda sad looking.  I did find some dill, and while I was there also grabbed some basil and rosemary.  I had a beautiful rosemary plant that I'd had for several years that I accidently killed over the winter-so sad. 
I brought the plants home and planted them into some larger pots out on the deck.  The activity attracted the attention of all the animals especially the chickens who thought the little plants looked mighty tasty!  The project took a little longer than it should have do to the fact I had to keep shooing my feathered friends away.  Once I was done I placed them inside in front of the sliders and away from hungry chickens!

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Lisa said...

Glad to hear we're still on the agenda for a visit later this month!!! Would LOVE to see all of you and Cade is excited about meeting his Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Dom, Cousins Becca and Kenzie....he's had no visitors yet and is ready for some socialization!!! Love u guys!!!