Friday, April 27, 2012

Local Goodness

A few weeks ago Dom and I had a chance to go to the Made in NH Expo.  This is where local business get to show their stuff.  I think it's a neat way to discover and support local businesses. So here is my little stash of goodies I bought. 

About a month or so ago I discovered Sap House Meadery at Johnson's Marketplace.  I tried their hopped blueberry maple mead and it was sooo good!  They happened to be at the expo and I got to learn a little bit more about the company and found they try to buy most of their ingredients locally and also sell some products made by other businesses in the area.  One of those products is wildflower honey which is in their meads.  Another product is soaps with scents named after some of their meads -Like Hopped Blueberry Maple!  It smelled so good I had to get some as well as some honey.  I've been on a honey kick lately picking up local honey whenever I see it.
Just Naturals & Co. had lots of neat natural products and their doggy deordorizing spray caught my eye.  It has a pleasant kinda of lemony smell and is supposed to help with ticks and fleas too.  I haven't noticed if it actully helps with the fleas and ticks but it does make the dogs and their bedding smell much better! I also picked up a little first aid kit with an herbal cream and some essential oils.
This company also sells many natural cleaning products and soaps which are used at Sap House Meadery to clean their tasting room.
Spooky New England is a book I picked up from Bondcliff Books.  This company has lots of books specific to the New England region.  Books on hiking, railroads, ghosts, history -pretty much anything to do with the northeast!
There were many more neat businesses at the expo, lots and lots of food-pizza and cupcakes seemed to be the trend.  It was a really good time and I encourage anyone to get out and support your local businesses.  Check out the above businesses by clicking on the links.

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