Thursday, April 05, 2012


I think I have mentioned before what one of the chickens main
goals seems to be trying to get in the house.  They stand on
the chairs on the porch and peek in the windows and make
quite a racket at times.  I think they see the comings and goings
of people, dogs and cat and wonder why they aren't allowed
to come in too.  It is very often that the dogs and cat will just stare
through the slider at whomever is in eyesight in the hopes that someone (usually me) will let them in.  The dogs will scratch if
staring doesn't work and even the cat has been known to poke
at the door for results.
The other day I spotted a small figure out of the corner of my eye
and was suprised to find Henrietta staring at the me through the door.  I was suprised because she was sitting there so still and quiet, not making a racket and bobbing her head around as she would normally do while looking through the slider.  In fact, when I first noticed the little figure I thought it was the cat.  I continued to ignore her and she continued to stare at me.  It started to get a little unnerving and I began to wonder if she had observed the other animals get results from staring through the window.  Was she that smart??

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