Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dishwasher Roulette

I've got a new dishwasher.  The dishes come out clean-no cloudiness, no spots, no stuck on food.  It's quite wonderful.  Here's a picture:

Yes it's my own two hands! What a concept, huh?  Well you know what they say, if you want something done right you've gotta do it yourself.
We are on our second dishwasher in 10 years.  In fact the current one I think we have only had 3 years and it's performance as of late has been very poor.  Now I know that they have removed phosphates from dish detergent which can leave dishes cloudy, I am ok with that because it's better for the environment and I found that white vinegar splashed in the bottom on the washer helps with that. But the issues are more than that. It was like playing dishwasher roulette.  Would the dishes come out clean this time?  Would I end up doing half of them by hand anyway because they weren't clean?    It was just a big waste of water and electricity-It takes the dishwasher and hour and half to wash the dishes. I can have the dishes washed, dried and back in the cabinet in 20 minutes or less.  So the past week I've been washing everything by hand and the dishes have never looked better.  So far I'm not minding the process and I have no desire to spend money on repairs or purchasing a new one.  Dom's offered to take a look at it to see if he can fix it. If he does great, if not, no biggie.  Will I eventually miss the convenience of throwing everything in the dishwasher and walking away?  Maybe, but for now I'm just happy to have clean dishes on the first try!

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