Monday, November 20, 2006

"Kenzie, you're such a Canadian!"

Becca said this to her sister, meaning of course, comedian. This was actually said about two years ago and has since been a running joke in the family. I bring it up today because for the past week Kenzie has acquired somewhat of a Canadian accent. "What a good movie, eh?"
"Blues a great color, eh?" I have no idea where she picked this up and it is amusing and yet disturbing at the same time. I am reminded of parenting articles that I have read about how hurtful it can be to label your children because they will live up to the label. It is obviously true, because now Kenzie thinks she is a Canadian. We may have ruined her life and she will have to spend years in counceling with an identity crisis. Am I American, eh? Am I Canadian, eh? What am I, eh?.....Okay probably not. I mean is there really anything wrong with being Canadian? But it's funny, eh?

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